Anchor Clients –

the Key to Accelerated Rural Electrification?

By developing the synergies between mobile telecom towers in off grid areas, and community energy needs, we have developed a proven model for the adoption of clean technologies (highly reliable, technically robust solar power for telecom towers, replacing diesel generators) at off-grid towers whilst also delivering accelerated rural electrification for the surrounding community, delivered in a scalable way with PAYG, and full maintenance support. In this case, the telecom tower acts as the Anchor Client, and the stimulus for accelerated rural electrification. AfricaPower Ltd has developed an ABCD(tm) model for rural electrification where A is the Anchor Client, B is local Business, C is local community and D is domestic power.

Proven Plan for Rural Electrification

Find out more below about our 8 point, innovative, robust and proven plan for rural electrification:

  1. Deliver a tailored power solution, not one –size fits all
  • Avoiding up-front costs of grid connections
  1. Deliver tailored services relevant to each market or type of customer
  • Competitively priced, highly dependable power for Anchor Clients (telecom tower)
  • The right technical and economic power solution for businesses and homes
  1. Remove barriers to adoption
  • Removing the need for credit or micro-finance
  • Pay as you go leading to full ownership over time
  • Providing power & appliances as a complete solution
  1. Give scalable consumption of power, building over time
  • By developing an ‘empowerment plan’ delivered through PAYG, business and homes can build their use of power and appliances over time
  1. Share support services to reduce costs and improve reliability
  • Maintenance for the telecom tower means dedicated support teams are regulary in place, and these maintenance team costs can be shared across other sectors
  1. Combine public & private funding
  • Reduced risk and increased returns for investors
  1. Offer a complete power solution AND appliances
  • Productive use of power, matched to system load
  1. Give customers value for money
  • Cost savings and or increased profits over current systems


Accelerated Rural Electrification in Tanzania

Read about our work in Tanzania, delivering renewable clean power to the UCSAF (Universal Communication Service  Access Fund) telecom tower sites.

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