2015 saw the creation of our JV Sincronicity Africa Power in Tanzania.  A JV between Sincro Sitewatch Ltd and Africa Power Ltd.  Sincro Sitewatch Ltd provides reliable power & maintenance solutions to Telecoms networks in Tanzania, and through this JV, now offers innovative clean energy solutions for providing reliable solar power solutions to mobile phone towers, where diesel generators have been the norm. Africa Power Ltd combines specialist energy, telecom and clean-tech expertise to deliver superior reliability than grid power not just to the telecom towers, but extended power provision to the surrounding villages. Currently the JV is focussed on rural electrification in Tanzania.

This innovative JV has changed the perception and role of Telecoms providers in Tanzania as being able to take a pivotal role in extended clean energy, power provision to surrounding villages and communities. Since telecom towers demand a very high reliability rate of power provision,  Sincronicity AfricaPower has developed solar solutions with extraordinarily high reliability rates (>99.8%) to meet these customer demands.

Reliable Clean Energy enables entrepreneurial activity and drives economic change

The telecom tower becomes the source of highly reliable clean energy, which in turn enables the development of economic activity in the surrounding area, using the power to enable the creation of small businesses. Reliable rural electrification is a key stimulus for entrepreneurial activities in rural Africa such as milling, grinding, village shops and barbers, and through the clean energy power solutions Sincronicity AfricaPower provides, economic and social development in surrounding areas can become a reality.

The solar power solutions implemented by SincronicityAfricaPower improve reliability of power supply, reduce operational costs at site, provide excess of power that can be deployed to the local community, reduce emissions through reduction in reliance on diesel generators and enable rural electrification in the surrounding areas.

For further information on switching diesesl  generation to Solar Power in Sub Saharan Africa, please contact us: info@africapowerltd.com