Diversified risk & High Rate of Return

We offer diversified risk across multiple countries and multiple customer segments through the ABCD™ model of alternative power infrastructure which serves business, community facilities and homes. Africa Power is seeking high growth rates with commensurately higher returns for earlier investors.

Strong Asset Base & Market Visibility

We retain ownership of the majority of our power systems, building a strong income generating asset base to underpin our finances and obtain lower cost debt. We have an almost limitless market and provide a scalable, multi-country approach.

Our anchor clients set high standards of availability and reliability. These standards and brand association cascade down to out B, C & D customers ensuring faster up-take and brand loyalty especially important in rural communities where sales are by way of recommendation and “word of mouth” rather than based on costly active marketing campaigns.

Scalable Solutions, Tailored Power Systems

We deploy scalable solutions to increase spend by our current “credit-worthy” customers and maintaining a high customer retention. This applies to all our customer segments and is clearly manifested by our commitment to the domestic “Empowerment Ladder”. Power systems are tailored to each individual’s requirements. No stranded assets nor risk of slow or uncertain up-take rates.

Proven Expertise in Telecoms, Renewable & Alternative Power in Africa

Africa Power always deploys the best technical solution sourced world-wide. By sourcing our equipment we remain always at the cutting edge of innovation; can access the lowest prices in a falling market, yet only deploy systems and equipment which has been extensively field tested in Africa at someone else’s expense. All our partners are carefully chosen and vetted, but reduce the size and complexities of Africa Power’s team – allowing faster growth and greater flexibility to seize growth opportunities.

Increased customer retention & loyalty through PAYG

Expanding businesses with a strong PAYG track-record can expand their power provision and be given additional end-use equipment before contracts expire if their business demand and growth warrant the expansion, increasing the highly reliable income and maintaining customer retention and loyalty. PAYG reduces exposure to poor payment.

Investments in key infrastructure

We offer investors a new play in the successful telecoms market arising from our anchor clients whilst diversifying into rural power infrastructure in fast growing economies (>5% GDP growth).

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