Grow your customer knowledge and customer base

Africa power welcomes enquiries from Strategic Investors already active in our target Africa countries and who have a strategic interest in growing their customer base in rural Africa. Provision of energy is pervasive and can underpin nearly every commercial activity in a rural community. Our concentration on commercial uses of power stimulates the local economy increasing the market for virtually all goods and services.

Build a credit history of your customers

Many companies see rural Africa as a market limited by a lack of power. We breakdown that barrier and welcome opportunities to discuss new shared business models combining power with new services; equipment and investment.

We are building a credit history for a vast swathe of the rural population allowing new services and products to be targeted appropriately.

Deepen your Corporate Social Responsibility programme

Our strong commitment to development through power provision allows major companies to cover their CSR commitments whilst making a profit investment in its own right; improve the lives of employees and their communities and create brand and company loyalty and security around their operations.

Energy companies, traditionally focussed on large scale grid energy, can take a low risk investment in rural power enabling them to be a market leader and determine when and how to expand into rural services.


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