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PAYG Power & Appliances

Innovative combination of energy, telecom & clean-tech to deliver superior reliability Off-Grid power

We have created the first African, Off-Grid, utility company, by successfully combining specialist energy, telecom & clean-tech expertise. We deploy proven distributed technologies in innovative ways, serving both the most technically demanding clients and simpler requirements of households, to deliver superior reliability than grid power.

By getting rid of power lines and a traditional grid power system, we have created an energy revolution as powerful as the impact of the mobile phone over land lines in rural Africa.

Our Off-Grid power systems engender accelerated economic, environmental & societal development.

Building on its deep collective experience in clean-tech, and telecoms in Africa, and with 40 years experience in alternative energy, the team has a unique combination of experience and a strong track record of innovation.

We developed the innovative ‘Community Power using Mobile to extend the grid concept for the Green Power for Mobile for GSMA in conjunction with Irbaris

If you are interested in bringing Sustainable Power and the Appliances to use the power to your area, thereby creating businesses, and benefitting communities and homes