Our energy revolution is proven & live in Uganda!


Renewable, Sustainable, Low Carbon, Fast to Implement, 100% Uptime

Africa’s first distributed off-grid utility company

Africa Power is an independent power provider, which purchases, installs, maintains and operates off-grid power systems comprising existing technologies in rural areas in East & Southern Africa, where there is no access to grid electricity.

Africa Power is an independent for-profit company with a proven commercial model of public/private partnership to bring “Sustainable Energy for All”.

We implement clean technologies at off grid mobile towers and provide the synergies between mobile towers and community energy needs, delivered through our ABCD™ Model.

Why Africa Power ?

Increasing Profits and Saving Costs

Each system is priced to provide either:

  • An increase in profits from a new or expanded business
  • OR a saving over the current costs of provision of the service

without on-going Governmental subsidies or feed-in tariffs, etc.

Clean Tech

Using Clean Technologies such as Solar gives lower running costs than conventional diesel power, also significantly reducing the upfront investment required and ensures long term viability and scalability

PAYG Power & Appliances

We provide both the power and appliances. With low or zero deposits all members of the community can access the benefits of electrification. We provide both the power and appliances/equipment on credit and each client has their own” power system and end-use equipment installed at their home or premises.

Community Power and Telecoms

By providing clean power to mobile telephone towers, we can also provide clean community power for all.

If you are interested in bringing Sustainable Power and the Appliances to use the power to your area, thereby creating businesses, and benefitting communities and homes