Over 30,000 off-grid cell phone towers operate in Africa


Over 95% are running with inefficient; polluting; and expensive diesel generators

Dominated by mobile providers:

Our anchor clients are often cell phone tower operators. Cell phone towers require between 500W and 2.5kW or highly reliable 48V DC power 24/7. Power availability must exceed 99.95-99.98% under a detailed service level agreement with penalties for non-conformance.

Demand superior reliability & availability:

Our Anchor clients are credit-worthy “blue-chip” clients who own and operate multiple sites in each country and who value a consistent and reliable power system, with power availability at over 99.9% and highly stable voltage frequency. They provide a stable high credit-worthy investment base for the business.

Multiple benefits over diesel:

We often compete with diesel generators and offer lower operating costs to our clients on a fixed monthly fee with zero Capex requirements, offering price stability, removal of technology risk; lower emissions; improved environmental compliance and CSR benefits. In many cases, we significantly reduce the number of maintenance contracts, reducing administrative costs.

More about our anchor clients

Examples of our Anchor clients
  • Cell Phone Operators powering telephone masts
  • Tourist operators operating multiple remote tourist lodges or camps
  • NGO’s or religious organisations running multiple community facilities all requiring power: Schools; religious and meeting places; health clinics etc.
  • Retail companies having a chain of small off-grid shops.
  • Oil companies with a chain of off-grid remote service stations.
  • Fishing and agricultural cooperatives running  multiple fish or farm processing plants; such as milk chillers; ice making and refrigeration; agri-processing plants; packing plants etc.
Reduced costs compared to diesel
  • Lower operating costs on a fixed monthly fee
  • Zero Capex requirements
  • Price stability
  • Lower emissions for hybrid solutions, zero emissions for 100% solar solutions
  • Improved environmental compliance and CSR benefits
  • Reduced number of maintenance contracts and reduced adminstrative costs

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