Our unique 'Empowerment Plan' gives full electrification


Scalable over time on a PAYG basis


Available to businesses, communities and homes

Anchor Clients, the key to accelerated electrification

By providing clean sustainable power to technically demanding Anchor Clients (mobile phone towers) we are able to deliver greener, accelerated electrification & mobile communication to rural communities through power and appliance packages tailored to communities, businesses and homes.

Proven ABCD™ model provides clean energy for all

We develop the synergies between mobile towers and community energy needs and have a proven ABCD™ model to facilitate the adoption of clean technologies at off-grid mobile towers whilst delivering accelerated rural electrification.

Innovative payment and monitoring solutions

PAYG mobile payment services and remote monitoring enable us to both manage compliance, and offer a scalable service enabling businesses and homes affordable sustainable energy on demand and access to appliances to use the power.

Innovative New Approach

1. We deliver tailored power solutions – not one size fits all ‘mini-grid”

Use independent distributed systems to deliver cost effective, tailored solutions

  • Exploit changes in the cost and performance of distributed generation rather than use a “one-size fits all” mini-grid, thus avoiding the upfront capital cost associated with the grid connections.
  • Install the power generation which matches the need, thus reducing waste and excess costs
  • Address concern that tower operators do not want community power physically connected to their infrastructure
2. We deliver tailored services relevant to each market/customer

Deliver distinct services to meet needs of different market needs and different customers

  • A-B-C-D model adopted and extended for different types of customer
  • Competitively priced, highly dependable power for Anchor businesses
  • A technical and economic solution to meet the needs of each B-C-D customer
3. We remove barriers to adoption

Provide services on a “Pay-as-you-go” (PAYG) basis to remove key barriers to adoption

  • No upfront capital investment and no or only small deposit from any customer – no need for credit nor micro-finance
  • Provide complete solutions (power & equipment) to small business, creating jobs and increased local economic activity
  • Africa Power owns the equipment and provides the service for a weekly or monthly fee for power and equipment usage
4. We share support services for increased efficiency

Share support services across customers to reduce costs and increase reliability

  • Skilled installation and maintenance teams make regular site visits to support key Anchor clients
  • Use same teams to support B-C-D customers at lower cost than dedicated support teams
  • Work with local entrepreneurs and others already present in the community to provide other services and support (e.g., installation of low voltage systems and collection payments for individual households)
5. We combine private and public funding

Combine commercial and grant financing

  • Access both commercial finance (based on the economics of our anchor tenants) and development finance (because of the development benefits of community power)
  • Reduces overall risk and cost of capital for investors, and increases their returns
  • Commercial approach provides an immediate and substantial multiplier for any grant investment and ensures long-term business viability and continuing maintenance
6. We provide the complete power solution including appliances

Provide complete power solutions

  • Provide both the power system and the end-use equipment/appliances to B,C & D clients to make productive use of the power.
  • By specifying high quality, high-efficiency equipment, we lower the cost of the service (lower life-cycle costs)
  • By matching the power to the load we achieve higher load factors reducing capital costs
7. We provide cost savings

Value Proposition

Each system is priced so as to provide either (A) a saving over the current cost of provision of the services Or (B) an increase in profits from a new or expanded business without Government subsidies or feed-in tariffs, etc.

8. Live in Uganda
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If you are interested in bringing Sustainable Power and the Appliances to use the power to your area, thereby creating businesses, and benefitting communities and homes