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ABCD™ Model Explained

We divide our clients into 4 groups our ABCD™ model.  Each distributed, independent power system is tailored to their specific application.

Providing clean power to Anchor clients (eg. Mobile phone tower operators) enables us to provide through economies of scale, clean power to local Businesses, Community facilities and for Domestic use.

By using the mobile phone tower operator companies as “Anchor” clients, Africa Power benefits from an established local physical presence with a strong brand association. This local presence allows us to cost–effectively install and maintain smaller power systems for local businesses, households and community facilities.


ABCD™ Model


Major creditworthy users of power such as the off-grid cell phone towers. This creates the maintenance network, to install and maintain the B & C customers and support our village agents.


Small micro-enterprises, where Africa Power supplies both the power and the equipment to build a business, providing new jobs and an increase in the local economy.


Community facilities such as schools, health clinics, religious buildings, police posts.


Domestic PAYG solar home systems bringing lighting, phone charging, radio, TV internet, & other benefits, over time & on an affordable plan, to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

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