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delivering telecom, power & appliances to rural Tanzania


In Tanzania, we operate under a Joint Venture (JV) called SincronicityAfricaPower.

SincroSiteWatch, our JV partner maintains and manages the diesel generators at over 800 cell phone tower sites in Tanzania, and we are in the process of converting a large number of these to clean solar power, away from reliance on diesel.

Telecom towers demand very high levels of reliability of power, and we are expert at ensuring 99.8% uptime in difficult terrains.

Because these telecom towers have smaller transmitters drawing lower power, this frees more investment by SAfP into the provision of power services to businesses, micro-enterprises community facilities (schools, health clinics) and households.

Read more about our ABCD™ model for rural electrification. SAfP will target some 300 towers over the next 6 years, providing reliable, renewable, off-grid power and appliances to around 1,400 villages in rural Tanzania.

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Power for telecom ensures power for rural communities

Sincro Site Watch (SSW) has over 16 years experience derived from installing and maintaining over 850 diesel generators for cell phone towers. SSW developed the first integrated diesel systems for telecoms and subsequently the first LPG systems to reduce pollution and costs. The ABCD™ model was developed based on a major market survey data undertaken by SSW in rural Tanzania sponsored by the World Bank.

SSW employs over 70 fully qualified and equipped service crews covering more than 850 sites in 7 regions across Tanzania. Our industry expertise in the field of power maintenance and telecommunications is supported by over 120 tertiary qualified SSW electrical and mechanical engineers, servicing, fueling & maintaining BTS Sites. Meet the team here.

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