We just completed our 11th solar home installation in a remote part of rural Tanzania, in a village where both solar power and grid power are available.  The installation, included all wiring, equipment, solar home system all on PAYG, leading to full ownership over time, and with the ability to upgrade when needed.

 Mkoko Village Solar Installation

The village is 10-15kms away from the main road and town of Msata, and with un-made roads, is only passable in the dry season. The 11th installation was however, back up on the main road, where a villager’s father lived. Although fitted for grid-power, the service had broken and the costs of repairs and re-connection were expensive. This home owner decided to switch to solar when he saw his son’s house in Mkoko


Solar  Powered TV

First came TV – a 17 inch television, powered by solar, showing films using a USB key, the first the village children had ever seen.




Solar Lighting

Next came solar lights – 5 solar lights for the main rooms and bedrooms, with all installation wiring included in the price




Why choose solar power when Grid Power is available?

Grid power in rural parts of Tanzania is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Power outages, inconsistent supply, expensive to connect to the grid and long delays and high costs for repairs are just a few of the reasons our customer loves his solar!

Families connecting to the grid in Tanzania need to pay the costly grid-connection fee, and then also have a budget to buy materials for the electrical wiring installation inside the home.

Our solar home systems are priced to sell, and include all installation costs and wiring.

Pay to Own – Giving customers control

Pay as you go solar gives families the ability to budget for consistent power supply. Apart from the deposit, which in some cases is the same as the weekly fee/payment, there are no additional costs, as all installation costs are included. Our client then pays weekly for the contracted term and owns the solar equipment when paid in full. At the end of the payment term, the client may elect to enhance his or her service level by adding additional appliances and a larger solar panel whilst paying the same weekly amount as before or may elect to stop paying and “stick” with the current level of service..

What is included in a Solar Home System?

We installed a BBOXX BB17 unit which has 2 x USB ports and 4 x 12 volt output points to run lighting and phone charging. The 12v output points are used for the lights. The solar panels on the roof are connected by wiring to 3 x 3 Watt DC lights and 2 x 1 Watt lights. Also including, 2 sets of phone charging leads (The leads have a number of interchangeable plugs so as to fit most cellular phones), all powered by 2 x 15Watt solar panels on the roof of the home.

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