Sustainable Energy for All intiative

In launching the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon commented:

I understand the importance of energy from my own experience. When I was a young boy in post-war Korea, I studied by a dim and smoky oil lamp at night. Only when I prepared for examinations was I allowed to use a candle. When I became a freshman at college in 1963, a simple light bulb illuminated a whole new world of opportunity for me, enabling me to study day and night.  Can you believe that I am now the Secretary-General of the United Nation? This memory has stayed with me such a long time, throughout my life.  I want the same opportunity for all young boys and girls around the world.

The importance of Development, Government & Private partnerships

In 2012, the UN Secretary General launched an initiative to ensure everyone world-wide had access to modern, clean energy services.

This initiative recognised the importance of Development Funds and governments working closely with the private sector, if its ambitious goals were to be reached by 2030. In 2015, provision of clean energy for everyone was adopted as the 7th Development Goal.

Africa Power is working day and night, in the African countries in which it operates, to turn Ban Ki Moon’s dream into a reality.

If you are interested in bringing Sustainable Power and the Appliances to use the power to your area, thereby creating businesses, and benefitting communities and homes