We recruit and train local staff


Our customers can upgrade power services as required


Our systems save them money or increase their profit

Power creates businesses & increases profits

Profitable businesses engender longevity and sustainable business models. Africa Power retains ownership of the power and equipment assets, giving it a strong stable, income generating asset base against which it can borrow to expand the reach of its services.

We upgrade our business customers systems and equipment as and when growth occurs. We do not require them to complete any minimum contract period, working closely with them to increase the sustainability of their livelihoods, and our systems are small enough to be re-deployed in a downturn.

Africa power not only recruits and trains local staff, but supports the creation and expansion of local businesses, creating increased employment (especially youth and female jobs)and an enhanced local rural economy .

If you are interested in bringing Sustainable Power and the Appliances to use the power to your area, thereby creating businesses, and benefitting communities and homes