Sustainable Power

Africa power takes a long term (sustainable) view with regards to its customers, business and the planet on which we live. There are five ways in which we contribute to “sustainable power”.

Renewable Energy: Africa Power only installs low-carbon power plants.  The vast majority of the power we generate is produced from renewable energy, dominated by Solar PV panels.

Sustainable Benefits: Africa Power is proud to include Community Facilities amongst its customers. By retaining ownership of these systems (and the end-use productive equipment), Africa Power ensures the systems were designed on a life-cycle cost basis and are regularly maintained and refurbished.

Sustainable Business: Africa Power believes the best way out of poverty is to support a vibrant and profitable private sector. Africa power has developed a sustainable and profitable business model which can provide power services at a lower cost than the incumbent methods, without the need for on-going subsidies.

Maintenance & Support: Africa power is committed to maintain and refurbishing the power plants and equipment it provides. All our systems are deployed on a PAYG basis, and so if the system fails, we don’t get paid. This focusses our operations on installing high quality, long-lasting equipment and ensuring it is fully maintained.

Sustainable Energy for All.  In 2012, the UN Secretary General launched an initiative to ensure everyone world-wide had access to modern, clean energy services. Africa Power supports these initiatives, by enabling all members of a rural community access to the benefits afforded by distributed, affordable, renewable energy.

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If you are interested in bringing Sustainable Power and the Appliances to use the power to your area, thereby creating businesses, and benefitting communities and homes