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Past Projects

Powering Off-grid Rural Communities

CDKN sponsored us to demonstrate the feasibility to use stand-alone Productive Power systems to provide all the potential power needs of an off-grid rural community in Uganda. Specifically we:

  • Displaced a diesel generator at a cell phone tower with a stand-alone solar/battery power system

  • Provided a solar/battery bore-hole water pumping system for:

    • Community drinking water –replacing a broken charity installed hand pump

    • Irrigation - allowing farmers to produce 3 crops of tomatoes per annum

  • Installed 50 Domestic solar lighting systems


Women filling water containers at the community solar water pump


Productive Power for Nomadic Pastoralists

In semi-arid regions in northern Kenya and Uganda, water is a precious and expensive commodity. Children (5-12 years old) in the nomadic settlements are released for two hours from school to fetch 10 litre barrels of water from community water holes up to a mile away. Every day caravans of donkey carts bring water from Wajir to outlying settlements 20-40 miles distant.

XXX sponsored us to complete a study to use solar power in the community to:

  • Provide telecommunications and wifi

  • Pumps drinking water for sheep, goats and camels from deep boreholes

  • Pump the drinking water from the community waterholes to the village

  • Install SHS’s to provide lighting, TV and cell phone charging in every household

  • Power refrigerators in the local shops

  • Provide power to the local school for lighting and computer studies.

Children dragging water containers home between school lessons


Low-cost, modular, upgradeable PAYG Solar Home Systems

Within a 15 months feasibility study we not only determined the viability of a modular, upgradeable PAYG solar home system, we designed, tested, manufactured and shipped these low-cost systems. We have installed 500 units in the Lakes Region in North West Tanzania.

KuaSolar team embarking on a training installation in Mwanza


Off-grid Dairy Cold Chain

We undertook a 6-week Human Design Study in 3 regions across Southern Uganda and Northern Tanzania, looking at the whole of the dairy cold-chain from the small-holder dairy farmer retail sales to the milk-collection centre including milk and milk product manufacturing and retail. We interviewed over 500 people within the production and sales chain and identified opportunities in every area to utilise solar power to reduce their costs and increase their revenue opportunities. The study identified 5 specific new product families

Traditional long horned cattle are being crossed with high-yield dairy cattle, increasing the milk supply and demand for (solar) refrigeration. 


If you would like to work with us on these and future projects

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