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Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa


House in Guinea Bissau

Our Impact

With the provision of effective and efficient domestic and business products through Pay As You Go (PAYG), we can address energy poverty. By providing the tools for our customers to launch new or expand current businesses, to add value to their lives and livelihoods. Our Productive power systems are rented without deposits which enables every individual acess to increase their income, therefore lifting themselves out of poverty.

Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa

How We Do Business

Africa Power is commited to inclusive modern energy for all, by deploying renewable, clean and affordable energy solutions which add value to ALL members of off-grid rural communities.


In all cases, our solutions:

> Save our customers money over their current solutions, which are generally less convenient and clean.

> Increase our business customers' profits through greater productivity and lower costs.

House in Guinea Bissau

Benefits for NGO’s

Use Africa Power for long term sustained clean power and maximum socio-economic impact.

All Africa Power products have been designed to maximise the social and economic benefits for the end-user.

All our systems come with a long-term maintenance and refurbishment plan, ensuring your project benefits are self-sustaining.

Johannesburg South Africa

Business in-a-Box

Africa Power has pioneered a robust model for Productive Power which we call “Businesses- in-Boxes” (BinB)TM. Each BinB comprises 5 essential components:


  1. High-efficency, end-use equipment or applicances

  2. A renewable energy system

  3. Acess to all necessary business inputs

  4. Training, maintence and business support

  5. An economic model demonstrating the profitability of the BinB TM

African Masai in Traditional Dress

Stand-alone Productive Power

Africa Power provides both Stand-alone Productive Power and Solar Home Systems (SHS’s) which we call Vijijini Power (Village Power). Stand-alone Productive Power combines the best attributes of mini-grids and SHS's whilst reducing their drawbacks. Vijijini Power diversifies our income streams thus lowering business risks and providing cost-saving synergies.

African Child

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Africa Power sources, tests, adapts and develops the lowest life-cycle cost products to rent or sell to our clients. We DETERMINE the outputs which each business segment needs: number of haircuts; mass of food/drink/agri-produce needing chilled; volume of grain to be milled power day; litres of water to be pumped to what height per day, and source the highest efficiency (DC) equipment to fulfil this task. We then DEVELOP BinB's to meet these requirments profitably and DEPLOY them through our various sales chanels. 


Our Design Philosophy

Africa Power sources, tests, adapts and develops the lowest life-cycle cost products to rent or sell to our clients.

We start by determining the current and potential average daily output of each business. For example:


Partner With Us

Sustainable Energy for All cannot be achieved by one company or organisation alone.


Much of our success can be ascribed to our growing number of successful partnerships.


Climate-Change Resilience

Twenty years ago, people agonised that providing universal communications in Africa would exhaust the limited copper resources. Then we invented the mobile phone.

Today, people worry about the impact of a billion Africans seeking to use energy as profligately as the western world as incomes rise. Thanks to innovative technology Africa need not follow in our footsteps.

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Energy Poverty

Sustainable energy is central to providing opportunities for inclusive, equitable and environmentally friendly economic growth, creating new job opportunities and contributing to poverty eradication while moving towards low-carbon and resource-efficient energy models.

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Small holder benefits

In temperate climates, hens increase their rate of egg-laying in summer and decrease in winter, Increased egg-laying is triggered by longer daylight hours and NOT by temperature, with a 30% increase in egg production occurring when tropical 12 hour days are extended by 4 hours using artificial lights. Studies in South Africa have shown that a 30% increase in egg production increases the profitability of small-holder poultry-keeping by 50%,

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Women and Power

Our delivery model is gender-neutral. since we require no deposits, nor access to credit, nor require home or land ownership. However, the provision of power has a greater positive impact on women and girls, who carry out most of the household chores. Increased access to electricity empowers women through decreased time spent on dailyhousehold chores, and allows improved health, increased opportunities to enhance income and improved quality of life.

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