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Our Impact

Africa Power & The Sustainable Development Goals



Impact challenges & opportunities

With the provision of effective and efficient domestic and business products through Pay As You Go (PAYG), we can address energy poverty (read more click here). By providing the tools for our customers to launch new or expand current businesses, to add value to their lives and livelihoods. Our Productive power systems are rented without deposits which enables every individual acess to increase their income, therefore lifting themselves out of poverty (read more click here)

“Although energy poverty cannot be delinked from the broader, more complex problem of poverty in general, access to energy infrastructures would avoid its most serious consequences and would help to encourage autonomous development. According to the IEA, the cost of providing universal access to energy by 2030 would require an annual investment of $35 billion, i.e. much less than the amount provided annually in subsidies to fossil fuels.” (read more click here)

By designing our products to be socially inclusive and gender equal, we ensure equal access to our products, creating society-wide benefit. Through the empowerment of marginalised groups, particularly women, the allocation of resources within households can be significantly improved which means more disposable income can be invested in health, nutrition and education (read more click here). By spending this money locally, this provides a mulitpier effect improving security, health, nutrition and education for the whole community. 


Climate compatible development

Energy access and energy services are an essential part of development and climate resilience. Reliable energy reduces the pressure on natural resources while improving the individual's economic capacity to respond to climate shocks.

Africa Power & Climate Resilience

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