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Our Products

Company The Mossie-GO

Powerful, Portable & Essential


The Mossie-Go is Africa Power’s latest innovation. A palm-sized device that disorientates and kills mosquitos disabling their ability to bite.


The internal battery is charged via a micro-usb cable, compatible with both on & off-grid power sources.


The internal battery only requires charging every 3 days, utilising ultra-low power, the fan that disseminates a Transflutherin repellent housed in the top of the device.


The system was designed in collaboration with Arctech Innovation and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. With clinical trials showing a 90% reduction in bites.

The Solar Seed

Holistic Energy and Health Solution


The Solar Seed is a complete holistic solution that responds to both health and energy poverty in the global south. Packaged with two bright LEDs, phone charging, Mossie-GO, solar panel and torch the system answers the call of new anti-malaria strategies to kick the disease out of day-to-day life.


The Solar Seed has already been deployed with our NGO partners the Children of Songea Charity in Tanzania and we are now in the process of scaling up our operations to get these systems in the homes of families across sub-Saharan Africa.


A seed for all is a step towards achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by bringing power and greater healthcare to where it is most needed.

KuaSolar SHS-2

Our unique, upgradable pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar home system (SHS) range can provide between 20W - 120W of power, covering a wide range of customer needs. Our upgrade process allows customers to add capacity, features and new appliances to the current system rather than swapping out old for new. This results in less waste; a dramatic reduction in the cost to the customer; and allowing a natural progression up the Energy Ladder.


Fishing light

Throughout East Africa, night fishermen use kerosene lamps and rudimentary floating devices to mimic bioluminescent algae to attract fish which they catch with strategically placed nets. It is an incredibly dangerous job as most of the small wooden fishing boats do not have any safety equipment and most of the fishermen cannot swim. In fact, fishing related deaths are higher than those from TB, malaria and HIV combined. Our patented night fishing light will revolutionise how artisanal fishermen catch fish safely. By combining a waterproof solar lantern with a SOLAS rated lifebuoy, we have designed an alternative product that removes the use of kerosene, eliminating carbon emissions and any fire risk, whilst the lifebuoy provides much-needed safety equipment to save lives.

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