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Benefits for NGO’s

Benefits to Charities and Social Enterprises from Using Africa Power Systems

> Use Africa Power for long term sustained clean power and maximum socio-economic impact

> All Africa Power products have been designed to maximise the social and economic benefits for the end-user

> All our systems come with a long-term maintenance and refurbishment plan, ensuring your project benefits are self-sustaining.

> We are your specialist energy and Productive Power equipment supplier, allowing charities and social enterprises to focus on supporting the communities and people.


> Our Productive Power systems provide jobs and income, most of which is spent locally, giving a development multiplier.

> Renting equipment frees NGO’s capital for other non-income generating projects.

> Power and equipment provision can grow with the end-users needs.

> All our systems are vetted to be GESI compliant.

> We have a range of products targeted at the base of the pyramid. See tab projects for details.

> We provide self-sustaining power for all.

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