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Marrakesh Market

Benefits of Investing

High impact, ethical investment with significant returns

The UN has estimated that universal energy access by 2030 will see an annual investment of $48 billion in renewable and sustainable power, with over half of this directed to Africa. This will create a new asset based class of institutional and impact investment opportunities. Early investors will reap the highest returns, especially in those Africa countries with high economic growth rates exceeding 6%.

Africa Power targets this huge unmet need with affordable PAYG power services, which require no on-going Government subsidies allowing investors a secure, fast growing market potential. In the countries we operate, there are currently no regulatory barrier or constraints on our growth or services, and in some of these countries they have specifically dismantled regulatory controls over small distributed renewable power systems.

Anchor Clients – De-risking Productive Power – Diesel Genset Replacement

With falling costs, our off-grid stand-alone Solar Power Systems are cost effective replacements for off-grid diesel generators from 10 kVA to 150kVA in multiple fields – Telecoms; Milk Collection centres; Industrial scale irrigation rigs; Commercial fishing rigs, etc.


Our Anchor clients consist of Bankable large businesses with multiple similar sites. Pilot demonstrations lead to multi-site contracts, based on a site rental model, which saves our clients significant costs over their diesel generators.  Initially, we simply replace the diesel generators, with a similar sized AC solar power system and then  work with the customer to gradually replace older AC equipment with modern, high efficiency DC equipment reducing energy demand and costs.

To discuss our various current investment and financing opportunities:

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