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Marrakesh Market

Impact Investors

Developmental Benefits & Full Commercial Returns

Africa Power is a pro-poor; for-profit company offering a new asset class of institutional and impact investment. All its services are provided on a PAYG basis with low or zero deposits allowing access by all segments of off-grid rural communities. However, our developmental benefits arise naturally from the business model and so we do not compromise our returns to our impact investors. We offer full commercial returns because we serve the needs of all members of the communities in which we operate. Their developmental growth fuels our success.

Highly Ethical Investment

By providing power services to all segments of the community including Businesses providing jobs and local economic growth; Community Facilities providing the developmental benefits of clean water; improved education; better health facilities etc and simply providing all the population with access to all the benefits of sustainable electrification over-time on an affordable plan, Africa Power is a highly ethical investment which will make a substantial difference to millions of lives on or below the poverty line.

Synergies across all developmental sectors

By providing power to all segments of a community, significant developmental (and business) synergies arise. Increased business use drives the local economy increasing employment and increases household wealth. Investing in domestic Solar Home Systems (SHS’s,) saves money to invest in other goods and services.

Eliminating kerosene lamps reduces respiratory diseases, improving health, diverting scarce health results to reduce other diseases. Improved health increases productivity and educational outcomes.

To discuss our various current investment and financing opportunities:

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